Our Product Quality

The quality of Tubular Bags (Gauntlet) depend upon
Selection of Raw material
Structure and Design

The use of 100% polyester, high tenacity chlorine free allows the gauntlets to withstand cyclical expansion of active material. Designing and weaving is the another crucial in manufacturing of the tubular Bag.

Fine weave of the fabrics give unique porosity and high mechanical strength. Half insulation of the Gauntlet is the other important criteria to prevent lateral short-circuit along the side.

We follow ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system. We have applied for ISO 9001:2008 certificates. We are about to get the certificate during 2013-14.

An effective separator Must possess

Pore- size distribution,
Specific surface area,
Mechanical design and strength,
Electrical resistance, ionic conductivity,
Chemical compatibility with the electrolyte.

Power-Tech Insulators-Construction

Highly Acid Resistant
Extremely Porous
Micro Fibrous Yarns
Oxidation Resistant
Mechanically Strong
Enhanced elastic compression of the active material


-Anil Malpani / Director of POWER-TECH Insulators


-R.K Agarwal / Sr.Sales Manager of POWER-TECH Insulators